Prevent stress at work and improve the health of your teams

A personalized solution to bring Balance at work in time of changes

Work stress figures are red, not just for managers.
25% employees are under hyperstress, at risk for their health (burnout, depression...). The work-life balance is very fragile, and increased by the role of family caregiver for one in two employees. And all this induces risks of non-performance of the company, with absenteeism rates soaring….
What explains this blackboard? an accumulation of "Too much" Too late detection of hyperstress Awareness and management of stress are Too collective, while employee demand is individual management Proposals of techniques Too little varied Too little adapted The few personalized approaches are often Too expensive and exclusive Ekipoz offers personalized and accessible stress management based on 3 balances to be strengthened.

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Relaxation and calm

Short and varied sessions


Time relationship and management of priorities

Time as your best friend


Self-esteem and confidence

Enhance relationships at work



Reducing stress for the benefit of Health and well-being

Supported by a specialist in stress management and business organization, Ekipoz relies on the know-how, expertise and complementarities of a team united by human values.

Cécile RIVOIRON is founder and director of Ekipoz. Entrepreneur and consultant, specialized in supporting innovative health organizations and projects. Who am I ? A pilot of major Health Innovation projects and programs with institutional, community and industrial players, passionate about organization and technologies but convinced that the Human remains at the heart of all changes. See you soon to share, exchange, build and have fun moving forward together. # Health prevention # Occupational health #Care #Equilibrium #Stress #Management #Collective intelligence

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