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Prevent stress at work and improve the health of your teams


In order to reduce stress for the benefit of health and well-being, Ekipoz offers a digital and personalized solution to companies to help their managers and employees manage stress in two steps:


  1. The identification of the stressors responsible for ill-being 

  2. Management of what stresses and what doesn't through a personalized program of work

Managers and employees will be able to carry out short relaxation sessions wherever they want, in complete privacy, thanks to our app ! During your commute (by public transport), at home or during your break at work, Ekipoz will accompany and advise you. The Ekipoz app offers breaks adapted to your needs and stress assessments.

By making the app available to their employees, and while preserving their data, companies will be able to identify the different types of stress in order to act on the root causes. Indeed, the indicators of stress in companies are important:

  • 45% of days of absence are directly or indirectly linked to stress.

  • 25% of employees and managers are hyper-stressed, with a risk to inter-colleague relations and their health.

Detecting and caring for people in situations of intense stress is often taken too late by companies. As for the solutions offered, they are too little varied and often collective, when the problem is usually individual.

These situations generate a high rate of absenteeism and employee discomfort that can have repercussions on work teams and the company (employer brand and performance). 

Ekipoz offers a personalized and accessible stress management based on 3 balances to be reinforced:

  • Relaxation and calm, by offering short and varied sessions.

  • Your relationship with time and the management of priorities, by making time your ally.

  • Self-esteem and confidence, by promoting healthy relationships at work. 

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Supported by a specialist in stress management and business organization, Ekipoz relies on the know-how, expertise and complementarities of a team united by human values.

Cécile RIVOIRON is founder and director of Ekipoz. Entrepreneur and consultant, specialized in supporting innovative health organizations and projects. Who am I ? A pilot of major Health Innovation projects and programs with institutional, community and industrial players, passionate about organization and technologies but convinced that the Human remains at the heart of all changes. See you soon to share, exchange, build and have fun moving forward together. # Health prevention # Occupational health #Care #Equilibrium #Stress #Management #Collective intelligence

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